Flinders Community Market is back on 19th August! 🥕🥝


That pesky COVID-19 thang has played havoc with the Flinders Community Market.

But we are very happy to announce that the Market is back on, kicking off again Thursday 19th August 🥳

Because of the various restrictions in place, you will need to book a ticket so we can manage demand (and person density).

But don’t let that stop you accessing free and low-cost food, to take the pressure of your weekly bills. Also a great opportunity to meet some of the Oasis Volunteers and familiarise yourself with the Oasis Centre.

Information about the market is below if you’ve never come across it before.

Flinders Community Market

One of the challenges of being a student is eating well, and unfortunately beer doesn’t constitute a suitable diet on its own.

But eating well can be expensive. Those activated almonds and spiced quinoa balls are costing me a fortune.

But this all changed in 2018 when OASIS and FUSA launched the Flinders Community Market.


What is it?

It’s a community market, where you can access free and low-cost food.

The Community Market is held in Oasis every Thursday during semester in 2021 from 11-1 to bring you FREE fruit and vegetables available along with LOW COST pantry items

Here’s what you need to know:

  • To attend one of the sessions each week, please purchase a ticket at Eventbrite for each week you want to attend. You need to book for a session for every week you would like to attend
  • You need to choose ONE 15-minute ‘ticket’ during the day.
  • Please print the ticket and bring with you or bring it on your phone, for scanning upon entrance to the Market.
  • Everyone is to keep 1.5m distance at all times and use hand sanitiser upon entry and exit of the Common Room
  • Bring a bag! (or two) 🙂


Where is it?

The OASIS Common Room – OASIS is located at J7 on the campus map – walk from the library through the laneway to the building opposite car park 5.

We plan on running the market every Thursday and will open up the bookings every few weeks as we may modify the times/sessions depending on demand.

Please also join the Facebook Event page here.

See you soon!


Why a market?

Good nutrition is central to performing at your best. The market is there to help you get good quality food at really good prices.

Also, markets create a wonderful sense of community and provide an avenue through which individuals or groups can share/sell their creations.


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