Video overview of Health, Counselling and Disability Services

Overview: Health, Counselling and Disability Services (HCD) provide a range of health and wellbeing supports to help students succeed. This post contains a video where I provide an overview of those services. The goal is that students are aware of what supports are available and know which, if any, might be relevant to them during their time at Flinders. Reading time ~ 2 minutes. Watching time ~10 minutes

We (at HCD) get a fair few requests, particularly during orientation, to come and speak to different student cohorts about the services we provide.

So I made a video of me talking about the services we provide 😊

It is 10 minutes long and covers the full range of what we do. My hope is it helps you determine whether or not there are supports we provide that might be beneficial to your university experience.

Staff: feel free to direct your students to this blog post as part of your topic. OR – you can also grab the original video file if you wish to upload into a FLO topic.

Students: feel free to share with peers you think might benefit from our services.

If the video doesn’t answer your questions about what we provide, chuck your questions in the comments or email me directly:

To supplement the video, you can access the slides. You can also view our Service Brochure which is a detailed overview of what we do.

Our website, where you can find all the links and information to request/book appointments is here:



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