Oasis outreach to Sturt and Tonsley campuses

Overview: As Flinders grows its presence at different campuses, so too our support services need to do the same. In this post learn about some of the outreach that Oasis is doing to Sturt and Tonsley campuses. Reading time ~ 2 minutes.

Oasis is a student community centre on campus. It is a place to hang out, prepare some food, relax between lectures, work quietly or have a chat with someone.

The community centre can be found in the building opposite car park 5, as you walk through the laneway from the library.

Oasis is also a FLO topic called Oasis Online, which is a library of wellbeing-focused services, programs and resources at Flinders.

Mindful of the fact that many Flinders students don’t have easy access to the community centre, Oasis now has some outreach to Sturt and Tonsley campuses!

Chaplains Maria and Toh can be found at Sturt and Tonsley respectively on Wednesdays. Maria is at the Sturt Library. Toh is on the first floor of the main Flinders building at Tonsley.

They are there for students who want a casual chat, who want to learn more about what Oasis does, or students who have feedback about what kinds of wellbeing services they’d like to see at Flinders.

You don’t need to be a student of faith to engage with Flinders chaplains. They are there as an additional support resource to all students. Chaplains can provide a valuable listening ear for students grappling with issues of values, beliefs, future and spirituality.

If you see either of them on campus (they’ll be next to big Oasis signs), say hello. I know they’d be keen to have a chat and hear about your university experience.

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