Last Mindful Yoga class for Semester 1 is Tuesday 14th June

Overview: Mindful Yoga is one of the excellent weekly programs offered at the Oasis Community Centre. The combination of gentle movement and mindfulness meditation is soothing and rejuvenating. The last class for Semester 1 is on the 14th June. Get along to it and then make it a regular activity in Semester 2. Reading time ~ 1 minute.

Sharing a note from Mindful Yoga teacher Maureen 👇

Hi All,

Please be aware that next week, Tuesday June 14 will be the last Mindful Yoga class for semester one (session runs from 12-1pm at the Oasis Community Centre)

We will focus on gentle movements to ease tension from the neck and shoulders from study, and then practice a relaxation technique of Yoga Nidra. This is a guided meditation designed to offer a sense of deep relaxation for the physical body, while increasing our feelings of alertness, and also decreasing stress.  It’s a fabulous practice, especially in the lead up to exams!

All welcome 😊

Classes will resume again in Semester 2 on July 26.

Warm regards



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