Uniting Communities launches their #unlockloneliness campaign

Overview: In a world that in some ways is so connected, can actually end up feeling like a lonely place to be. Uniting Communities is launching their #unlockloneliness campaign and we reckon you should check it out. Details in post. Reading time ~ 3 minutes.

Rachael Pearse from Uniting Communities, who provide a stack of wellbeing and welfare services in the community, contacted me and other members of the Flinders community to let us know about a campaign they have launched tackling loneliness in young people.

COVID + the challenges of university study can leave many students feeling disconnected and isolated. Even before COVID, I am mindful that loneliness was an issue for many, considered a growing public health challenge.

The #UnlockLoneliness campaign is targeted at young people aged 18-24, who report the highest levels of loneliness in South Australia.

The campaign seeks to do the following:

  • start a conversation about loneliness via social media to get people talking about it, and reducing the shame or stigma attached to feelings of loneliness
  • normalise and understand the experience of loneliness
  • provide tips on how to tackle loneliness (see below)
  • link to Uniting Communities programs that might help.

I’ve reproduced some of Rachael’s materials below.

I encourage you to browse their resources and perhaps consider hitting up their social media channels and sharing your thoughts and experiences. It all kicks off on the 29th June (the day I am writing this) but the campaign will run over 4 weeks, releasing news, tips and reflections on the topic. I just added Uniting Communities to my Facebook like list.


Ever felt lonely or isolated? You’re not the only one. Data shows that the 18–24 age group feel the most lonely and left out in South Australia. As part of the Uniting Communities #UnlockLoneliness campaign, we want to increase awareness of loneliness amongst young people and start a conversation to reduce the stigma.

If you’re feeling lonely, here are some tips you can try to begin overcoming loneliness.

1. Focus on the quality of your friendships over quantity. Still feel lonely even in a crowd of people? It often comes down to the quality of your friendships, so take time and energy to strengthen them.

2. Call or text a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. Such a simple act can make a huge difference.

3. It’s okay to be feeling lonely, turns out a lot of us do. Reach out to family and friends to reconnect. Its important to reach out to others.

Full set of Tips

Visit our Facebook page to view and share the content of the campaign

Young people and loneliness website




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