Nutrition workshop for Flinders students on 31st August!

A healthy and productive mind requires a nutritious diet but that can be challenging if we don’t have much time, money or culinary expertise. With that in mind, final year dietetics students Ali and Zoe are running a nutrition workshop on the 31st August for Flinders students at the Oasis Community Centre. Details in post. Reading time ~ 1 minute.

I just got notification of a great workshop/presentation being run at Oasis Community Centre next week.

Two final year nutrition and dietetics students (Ali and Zoe) are running a workshop next Wednesday (the 31st of August) from 2-3pm, in the Oasis common room.

It focuses on healthy eating for students who may not have much time, money, or cooking ability.

They’ll give some tips about what makes a healthy diet, ideas to make eating healthily easier/cheaper, and a few recipes.

See the flyer below…

Just rock up and enjoy!!

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