Do you need alternative exam arrangements?

You might not be focused on exams right now, but if you think you might need alternative exam arrangements, getting in early to speak to Disability Services is a good idea. Details in post.

We’re getting in early on this one!

Exams are in June this year. They are a critical component of assessment for some degree.

For some people, taking an exam can present unique challenges. If you are a student who requires alternative exam arrangements, it is important to act quickly. The last day to apply for these arrangements is Friday May 12th.

Alternative exam arrangements can include a variety of accommodations, such as extra time, a separate room, or the use of assistive technology. These accommodations can be essential for students who may experience difficulties in a traditional exam setting, such as those with physical disabilities, mental health conditions, or learning differences.

If you require alternative exam arrangements, it is important to contact the Disability Service as soon as possible. This will allow them to assess your needs and work with you to create a plan that is tailored to your unique situation. Supporting documentation may be required, so it is important to be prepared and gather any necessary materials in advance.

Late applications cannot be accepted, so it is important to act quickly and not wait until the last minute. Remember, the Disability Service is here to support you and help ensure that you have the best possible chance to succeed. Don’t let your exam experience be hindered by unnecessary challenges – reach out and make arrangements that will help you perform at your best. If adjustments are required for exams and it is after this date, then you will need to apply to sit the Deferred and Supplementary Examinations for Semester 1, 2023 held during July 17 – 22.

To apply for alternative exam arrangements, contact the Disability Service at 8201 2118 or via email at


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