Grace from SLSS and I have a writing challenge for you..

Discover the multifaceted role of writing in university life – from learning to self-expression. As part of “Good Vibes in the Hub” during Wellbeing Week on September 11th, Grace and I will be running a writing challenge where you can explore how writing enhances creativity and mental well-being.

Writing is a core part of the university experience, and it serves many functions.

It can help us learn content. It is used to demonstrate learning/comprehension (e.g. essays). It is the primary communication channel for big projects we undertake (Honours, PhD). It helps us connect with others (e.g. email). It forms part of how we tell our stories to the world (e.g. social media). Writing is central to all parts of learning, from when we encounter new information through to when we share our learnings with others.

Way back during my PhD (16 years ago – eeek!), I got interested in how we can use writing for health and wellbeing. I was particularly taken with James Pennebaker’s work on expressive writing. Whilst I remained interested in the topic in the subsequent years, it wasn’t strongly aligned with my work, so I didn’t focus on it much.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I met Grace from SLSS at an exam preparation session. She completed her PhD in creative writing in 2020.

We got talking and realised there was an opportunity to explore how students can use writing for wellbeing and creativity. We are writing the workshop at the moment (like right now!).

But we have cool stuff to share already and will be doing so at the “Good Vibes in the Hub” session on the 11th September from 12-2pm as part of Wellbeing Week.

We’ll have a stall, paper, pens, timers and food treats and will be challenging students to do a 10-minute rapid writing exercise. We’ll give you a choice of different writing prompts (some wellbeing focused, some creativity focused) and invite you to write, uninterrupted for 10-minutes, inspired by that prompt. Succeed at the challenge and we shall feed thee!

It’s a good chance to learn about the different ways that writing can be used, beyond that of how you use it as part of your studies.

The stall will be active from 12-2pm on the 11th September, in the hub at Bedford Park, with the other ‘Good Vibes in the Hub’ stalls.

Come hang out and write with us ✍

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