Reminder – Online therapy for trauma still available as part of a research trial

A trial out of the Flinders University PTSD clinic is open to students who may be struggling with symptoms of PTSD following a traumatic event. Details on eligibility and how to apply are in the post. Option closes in a couple of months, so get in quick if you think you’d benefit from this therapy.

One of the lesser discussed benefits of being at a university that trains mental health professionals, is that if you are struggling with some aspect of your mental health, there can often be studies you can join which give you access to free treatment. Below is one such study.


Are you struggling with PTSD symptoms following a traumatic event such as motor vehicle accidents, domestic violence, or physical/sexual abuse? The Flinders University PTSD Clinic is conducting a research study designed to help individuals recover from PTSD. Led by Professor Reg Nixon and Ms Priyadharshany Sandanapitchai, this study involves a guided self-help online approach that will be compared with standard Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). All care required as part of the research project is provided free of charge.


Who Can Participate?

If you are aged 18 or older and have experienced or witnessed a trauma four or more weeks ago, you are eligible to participate in this study.

The study involves a phone screening to determine eligibility, three assessment interviews (before, after therapy, and 3-months later), and questionnaires about your life experiences, beliefs, and symptoms. Participants will receive up to 12 online therapy sessions with minimal therapist guidance and/or a further individual therapy for up to 12 sessions with a trained therapist, depending on group allocation.


How it Works?

The study uses a randomised controlled trial design, where participants will be randomly allocated to receive either standard CPT or CPT-GSH (Guided Self Help)

CPT helps people develop different ways of thinking to help them recover from their symptoms. It involves receiving one 60-minute session each week delivered via video call, for up to 18 weeks, and is delivered by registered or provisional psychologists.

CPT-GSH is an adapted and modified version of CPT where you are required to read modules and complete worksheets every week sent by the study team. You will then receive a weekly email from their therapist for support, to give feedback on your work, and answer any questions you have.


I’m interested

If you are interested in participating in this study, please visit the website and email the Posttraumatic Stress Clinic at for more information or to schedule your phone screening.

This study has been approved by The Southern Adelaide Clinical Human Research Ethics Committee (SAC HREC Approval 2022/HRE00159).



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