I’d like to do another Be Well Plan in Semester 2

I’m keen to run another round of the Be Well Plan mental health and resilience program in Semester 2. I am aiming for the 5 x 2-hour program online with as many participants as possible. Register your interest to see if we can get the numbers.

I recently finished delivering a round of the Be Well Plan – our evidence-based mental health and resilience program. I had a great time with the sessions being very conversational and casual.

With Semester 2 approaching, I’m keen to run another one this year.

I’d be doing the 5 x 2 hour program and delivering it online, so you can hook in to the sessions regardless of where you study.

If you are keen to invest in your mental health before the year finishes up, please register your interest by completing the registration form.

I can’t guarantee that we will go ahead. It will depend on whether we get enough sign-ups (at least 10) But let’s give it a crack! Tell a friend or peer if you think it might interest them.

You can learn more about the Be Well Plan here if you are undecided.

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