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If you are reading this, you might have been recommended the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog and encouraged to subscribe. Details on the blog and how to subscribe below 🙂


If this is the first time you’ve visited the blog, then let me welcome you to the Student Health and Wellbeing blog. To learn more about what I/we are doing here, try this first post.

The short version? The blog is one of the primary outlets for news from Health, Counselling and Disability Services and Oasis. We believe that a healthy student is a productive one and we support the student journey by providing health and wellbeing focused services/programs/resources. This blog is where we let people know about what we do.

Regardless of whether this is your first visit or not, I know you are busy. I know you don’t have the time to be coming back and visiting this blog regularly. You’ve got places to go, people to see, assignments to do the night before, things to do, shows to binge.

So, to make your life easier, there is the capacity to subscribe to the blog.

Because of some recent battles with spammers, the subscribe method has changed. Simply scan the following with your phone or tablet, enter your name, email and College and I’ll add you to the distribution list 🙂


The way the subscription works is this:

Every week, you’ll get an email from me titled “The Latest Student Health and Wellbeing News” coming from “Flinders Health, Counselling and Disability Services’. It will look something like this:


The email will be a list of content that has been added to the blog in the previous week. If there is something you like the look of, click through. If not, wait until next week for the next newsletter and I’m sure there will be something of interest 😊

If you think a fellow student or staff member might be interested in regular news and articles from me (eMental Health Project Officer), direct them towards this post. We’ve had over 2000+ subscriptions since the blog started, both staff and students. Whilst the activities of Health, Counselling and Disability services and Oasis might not be your priority whilst you are here, it is useful to know what we’re up to in case any of our programs can help you with a current issue.

If you are already subscribed and have not been receiving these, you may wish to check your Other or Spam folders. It is hard to control which email programs filter out the newsletter.


Why an email newsletter?

I realise that an email newsletter is somewhat ancient in the scheme of communication channels 🦉But it is one of the simplest and most efficient methods we have to keep you updated.

The team here at Health, Counselling and Disability Services are keen to make your time here as a student a healthy and happy one. Part of staying healthy is staying informed, and through the blog and the newsletter we aim to let you know about the different tools, techniques, events, services and news that can help you live a happier and healthier life, as well as improve your academic performance.

The newsletter has been in operation since 2018 and we have every intention of keeping it going.

If email isn’t your thing, it is worth knowing that Oasis uses a couple of social media channels to communicate about their programs and events. Facebook and Instagram.

And there is also a FLO topic called Oasis Online that includes lots of information about wellbeing-focused programs and services here at Flinders.

Basically, we don’t want you to miss out on something that would help you during your time here at Flinders, because you didn’t know about it.

If you have idea about how we can better communicate what we do to students, drop me a line –

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