Do you think you have perfectionism?

  Perfectionism is not really about being perfect, it is more about expecting perfect. Perfectionists set extremely high standards for themselves, judge their self-worth on whether […]

Make mental health your priority

  Reposting this from Flinders In Touch Flinders and BUPA Wellness are holding a seminar that introduces the fundamental aspects of mental health and wellbeing. Open […]

Dr G's guide to self-care

Update: we now have a new Self Care Mega Guide with extra strategies and our service pamphlet attached to the back. A nice upgrade on the […]


  I was on the Health, Counselling and Disability stall yesterday for orientation. Around lunchtime when I was just thinking about food, a buff dude came […]

New Disability/Career Consultant

  Morning everyone! What a nice day for person-oriented blog post. Reviewing my emails this morning, I found one from the Disability Advisors. They were letting […]