Dealing with culture shock

  This blog goes out to all the international students, who have left their home countries to come and study here at Flinders. First off, welcome […]

Drop in, not out

Heads up folks, there will be a Drop In Not Out event from Tuesday 27/3/18 to Thursday 29/3/18 in the Plaza (Bedford Park Campus). A range […]

Follow me on Twitter!

Ok yes, that is a shameless plug, but let me explain. I’m assuming that if you read this blog regularly, you are interested in health and […]

Making a counselling appointment

  Sometimes, stuff just doesn’t quite work out properly. Its important that you know that Flinders University provides a free and confidential counselling service that is […]

Rethink 'stress'

  We see a lot of stressed students this time of year. Many are questioning their life choices, feeling overwhelmed with their studies, or confronting difficult […]

Mark Manson

  Some people just write in a way that really captures your attention. Mark Manson is one of those people for me. Mark is a “author, […]