Semester 2 Assessment

During Semester 1, staff and students had to make many changes very quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The University also allowed for some temporary variations to the University’s policies around assessment and grading in recognition of the sudden and significant changes which students faced in Semester 1.  These included the availability of optional non-graded passes and increased ability for students who did not pass their topics to have a second chance.

This semester we have reverted to our existing policies, but in recognition of the particularly difficult situation for those students who only started their university studies this year we will retain the optional use of non-graded passes for students in first-year level topics in Semester 2 2020.

  • After the release of grades for Semester 2 2020, any student in a first-year level topic [ie a topic with a number 1xxx] may make an application to have any passing grade changed to a Non-Graded Pass.

We will also retain the flexibility for students who do not pass a topic to demonstrate they have achieved the required learning outcomes.

  • Any student who fails a topic in Semester 2 2020 who can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the topic coordinator that they have engaged meaningfully with all topic assessments, will be given the opportunity to demonstrate they have achieved the Topic Learning Outcomes through a further piece of assessment or a supplementary examination.
  • Meaningful engagement with topic assessment means that all assessments must have been submitted on time and with a tangible attempt to address the assessment requirements.
  • On-time submission includes assessments submitted by a revised due date if an extension has been granted.

Work-integrated learning or placement topics are excluded from these special considerations due to the nature of the activity and assessment process. Any student having trouble during a work-integrated learning topic should discuss this with their coordinator.

Needing support?
There are many support services available if you need advice or support in the coming weeks and will remain available until the end of year closedown in late December.

The student website has links to all these here. If you are unsure what you need, the Flinders Support Network can help connect you to the right service for your needs.

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