My 60km MOve for MOvember

Over 65,000 Aussies attempt to take their life each year. It is estimated that 135 people feel the impact for each life lost to suicide, including family, friends, work colleagues and first responders. This adds up to far too many people dealing with the devastating consequences of mental illness.

Having felt the impact of someone close to me attempt suicide, I was motivated to take part in the MOvember campaign. I hope the campaign encourages people to show courage, vulnerability & strength by reaching out during times when they need support.

Being able to contribute to changing the conversations we have about mental health, and encouraging people to feel comfortable sharing their internal world could save lives, and I’m proud to be a part of that.

Along with raising awareness, we’ll be spreading the word about how awesome exercise is for our mood and encouraging people to get active for the month of November (and beyond!). I feel incredibly privileged to be sprinkling post-workout endorphins as a future Exercise Physiologist, and can’t wait to help people reap the mental and physical rewards from participating in exercise.

To practice what I preach, on November 23 I’ll be running 60km along the Heysen Trail for the 60 men lost to suicide every hour around the world. That’s one man, every minute, of every single day. If our efforts to raise awareness and encourage meaningful conversations, whilst clocking up some extra km’s, can help even one friend, father, partner or brother, and the families and friends of those who may be affected, I’d consider it a pretty special thing to be a part of.

Please donate what you can to my 60km MOve. It’s tax deductible, so go nuts! Or you can have some fun setting your own Move goal (individual OR team) by joining the Flinders University MOvember Challenge. We’d love to have you in our squad this MOvember.

  • By Mackenzie Fennell (5th year Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology)
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