Meghan McAllister’s application tips for the StudyAdelaide International Student Awards

Below are some of the tips from Meghan McAllister for the application process. Meghan was one of the last year’s winners of Academic Excellence: University Postgraduate – Research. She is currently doing PhD in Geoarchaeology (Palaeoecology).

  1. Be sure to plan your application before you begin it (this can be going through each question in your chosen category and bullet point the main points you want to discuss in each).
  1. By planning, you can avoid/minimise the risk of repeating yourself. If you do want to highlight/draw upon an experience more than once, make sure you link it to the question and demonstrate clearly why it is beneficial in this category and how it answers/addresses the question differently than when you mention it under another question.
  2. Set aside time to proofread your application before the deadline
  3. Check well ahead of the deadline if there are any supporting documents you need/want to upload to strengthen your application to ensure you have sufficient time in acquiring these if you do not already have them on you.
  4. Finally, don’t be afraid to make yourself sound great and exceptional – because you are!!
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