Student International photo book

The beauty of our home countries is a photobook created by the FUSA International Student Collective. Comprised of student stories and photos, learn about the different […]

Beware of scams

Flinders University is aware of a recent scam offering international students discounted tuition fees. This is a timely reminder to familiarise yourself with scam warning signs […]

Non-English Speaking Background?

As end of semester examinations approach, it is important that eligible NESB students have a valid card in order to receive variations to standard examination conditions. […]

Deferred Exam - if you are unwell

The semester 2, 2019 exams take place between 9 November to 23 November. Below provides you with information on what to do if you are unable […]

Communicating successfully

Studying and living in a new country requires personal social and cultural adjustments. Your diverse cultural background might be different from the typical Australian culture. Here […]

New home of Flinders International

In 2016, the creation of the Student Hub and Plaza went a significant way to enhance the student experience and improve our ability to service and support students. […]