My name is Lauren and I’m the study skills advisor at Yunggorendi. I’ve been working in academic support for a few years now, mostly with the Student Learning Centre.

I also have a PhD in Creative Writing, so I know my way around a sentence! In this blog, I’m going to help equip you with the skills you’ll need to navigate the treacherous waters of university life (I also like a good metaphor – is it too much?)

Each week, I’ll help you unpack a particular academic or study related skill, like how do I write a thesis statement? Who or what is SAM? Or, how do I take notes and why does it matter?

From writing and research to time management and wellbeing, this blog is designed to make academic life more approachable and understandable for you. I mean, let’s face it, sometimes your lecturers don’t let you in on all the hidden aspects of academic life. They might leave you wondering exactly what they expect from you and use a lot of language you’re not used to.

That’s why I’m here – to help you break that down and get the upper hand so you can succeed in your studies! Make sure you subscribe below so that you don’t miss out on any content!

I’ll also keep you in the loop about what is happening at Yunggorendi and link you to some of the exciting things happening around campus.

I’ll also be sharing some of Dr Gareth Furber’s excellent content from the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog because being a good student means paying as much attention to your physical and mental health as you do to your studies!

If you want to chat about your study in person, or if you need help with an assignment, you can flick me an email at lauren.butterworth@flinders.edu.au and find me in the office!

To get started, why not check out the first introduction post, Welcome to the Rollercoaster?


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Good luck, and I hope to see you soon!

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