Reaching for Utopia with Prof John Quiggin (14 July)


Reaching for Utopia with Prof. John Quiggin 

14 July 2022, 1:30 pm (ACST) online


From four-day weeks to unconditional basic income to free education, it’s possible to imagine a future where society’s focus has moved from consumption to quality of life.

Prof. John Quiggin discusses the technological possibilities and the way the experience of the Covid pandemic has changed our thinking.

Hosted by Prof. John Spoehr, Director of the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute this webinar is for anyone interested in automation and the future of work in Australia.

John Quiggin is a Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland. He is a prominent research economist and commentator on Australian and international economic policy.

He has produced over 2000 publications, including seven books and over 300 refereed journal articles, in fields including decision theory, environmental economics and industrial organization.

He is an active contributor to Australian public debate in a wide range of traditional and social media.

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