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Dr Yvonne K Parry (PhD ‘12, MHlthServMgmt ‘06, GradCertEd ‘10, BA ’99) has been appointment to the Sigma Theta Tau International, Global Oceania Regional Council recognising her as an international nurse leader. Flinders University graduate, Dr Parry is a Registered Nurse and a senior lecturer in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Flinders.

Dr Parry’s work exists at the important intersection between nursing, primary health, public health, and community health services for vulnerable children and populations. In 2017, Yvonne was recognised with a Play Your Part Award from the National Association for Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect. The award acknowledged her research-based initiatives to improve service delivery to children in homeless families and her work in the tertiary sector and the broader community to generate awareness of the issues.

Dr Parry actively promotes the inclusion of children’s and parent’s experiences in research activities. Her research is underpinned by the principles of social justice, child centred practice, and social equity of health access for vulnerable children. She aims to improve the health outcomes and service provision for at risk children and to strengthen at risk families.

“We need to ensure that children have the best start in life and have the best chance of reaching their full potential,” said Dr Parry.

In her new role on the Global Oceania Regional Council Dr Parry is now working to ensure the profile and reputation of nursing at Flinders University and in South Australia is regarded as highest in the world.

“I want to ensure we are a University that is recognised globally as a ‘best’ choice for nursing with demonstrated nursing leadership that aligns with international nursing and nursing organisations,” said Dr Parry. “I am also working towards the recognition and support for emerging nursing initiatives that positively impact world health and that ensure local nursing leaders are supported.”

The Global Oceania Regional Council provides valuable support to its 130,000 active members by assisting in learning and professional development through knowledge dissemination.

Members of the council are recognised as leaders and scholars in countries across the globe. Dr Parry is one of only six registered nurses chosen to represent the Oceania region, on the Global Oceania Regional Council.

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