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Film director, writer and cinematographer Nick Remy Matthews (BA(Hons) ’96) has been making films since he was twelve years old.

‘The budgets have gone up a little bit since then, and I’m not roping my mum into acting in my work anymore!’ says Nick.

Instead, much to his mum’s relief, Nick is rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tom Hanks and is knee-deep in the New York film scene.

As part of his arts degree at Flinders University, Nick studied acting and filmmaking. ‘I knew I wanted a creative life but I wasn’t sure what exactly to do about it. At Flinders I had the opportunity to experiment with cameras and it was here that I developed a love for filmmaking and cinematography.’

After graduating from Flinders, and a failed attempt to get into Sydney’s Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Nick moved to Europe to create his own path into the industry. With a focus on ‘being prolific’, his belief in working hard and consistently being productive has paid off.

‘My first job was on Steven Spielberg’s mini-series Band of Brothers. I worked as a slave in the camera department and learnt all about how big film sets work – it was a brilliant introduction to the industry. I remember sitting next to Tom Hanks and thinking ‘hang on, a minute ago I was making wedding videos in Adelaide’.’

In 2013, Nick directed and co-wrote One Eyed Girl with fellow Flinders graduate, Craig Behenna (BA(Hons) ‘00). The film was a hit with audiences and won the jury prize at the US Austin Film Festival and opened doors for Nick, including the opportunity to work with Julian Fellowes, creator of the hit TV series Downton Abbey, on his new film The Chaperone.

Nick later filmed the recently released Hotel Mumbai, directed by Flinders graduate Anthony Maras (LLB/LP ‘03).

‘I’ve been collaborating with Anthony for 15 years now and producing this film would have to be the pinnacle of my career so far,’ says Nick. ‘Shooting in India and Australia with the stellar cast, Armie Hammer, Dev Patel and Tilda Cobham-Hervey was an ambitious but rewarding project.’

He has since shot another film in New York and signed with a prestigious New York agency.

‘Doing an arts degree at Flinders helped me to think expansively and creatively. It matured me socially and I now have no issue with confidence when I have to pitch an idea to a room full of creatives at an advertising agency.’

‘I always worried that I didn’t have that stamp of approval from a big Sydney film school, but now I know going out into the world as a Flinders graduate is enough.’

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