Life behind the silver screen

At the age of 16 Dr Scott Hicks enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at Flinders University, where he discovered the doorway to what became his life.

Born in Africa, schooled at a UK boarding school from the age of nine and translocated across the globe to quiet Adelaide in his mid-teenage years, Dr Hicks (BA(Hons) ’75) had not had the chance to build a mental library of what television or film was supposed to be like.

Dr Hicks’ life after graduation became a shell game of money raising, film production, editing and film releases, working with his wife, fellow Flinders graduate Kerry Heysen AM (BA(Hons) ’75), until a day came when he saw a small article in The Advertiser about a musician who had overcome illness, recently been married and was giving a performance that evening.

Dr Hicks was so impressed by David Helfgott’s performance and personality that he introduced himself and became convinced that the pianist’s story should be conveyed to the world. Ten years later, Shine was released to global acclaim and Scott began on his path to Hollywood.

‘To have made one film in my life that people have related to on that scale is a tremendous privilege and I am incredibly lucky to have been able to do that,’ he says.

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