Prize for International Relations student

David Hopkins

High performing International Relations student, David Hopkins (BA/BIntRel ’19)
has received the Defence Science & Technology Group Prize.

Each year at Flinders University high academic achievement is honoured with prizes and awards, sponsored by individuals and organisations. This year’s Prizes and Awards ceremony was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the recognition of their study efforts was still appreciated by the students who were awarded.

David says,It’s an incredible feeling to know I’ve been recognised, it certainly reaffirms my confidence in my own abilities and has inspired me to continue striving for excellence in my studies. It’s a great reminder that the effort and hours put into study are worth it.

‘My possible career path has been broadened as well – it’s a huge boost to know that Defence Science & Technology Group are invested beyond STEM graduates.’

During his studies David undertook the six-week Washington Internship Program – a once in a lifetime work placement opportunity in the US Congress, and the reason David was drawn to study International Relations at Flinders University.

‘It truly was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I fondly remember attending Senate and House committee hearings on issues ranging from the American prescription opioid epidemic to America’s foreign policy positions in the Asia-Pacific,’ says David.

‘I was given the opportunity to prepare talking points for the Congressmen I interned for and recollect bumping into high-profile members of the US Senate whilst going for morning walks.

‘Washington DC is unlike any other city I’ve ever visited. It’s an incredibly vibrant city where talk in local coffee shops concerns the US Supreme Court’s most recent ruling or the front page of the Washington Post.’

David is now focused on completing his honours thesis and considering his career future.

He says, ‘Throughout my time at Flinders I have witnessed the great positive impact passionate academic and professional staff can have on students.

‘I remain passionate about the foreign affairs, defence and intelligence sectors, and welcome the opportunity to be involved in any of these fields in the future.’

The College of Business, Government and Law is grateful to sponsors of its prizes and awards, view the list

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