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Kylie Doering

Kylie Doering

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Inspired by her lecturers at Flinders University, Kylie Doering pursued a career in auditing at the highest level. Without their encouragement, she’s not sure she would have identified her talent for auditing, which has now set her on a successful career path.

Beyond being enlightened in the classroom, Kylie also found a raft of opportunities offered that could help the career aspirations of commerce and accounting students. “While I was studying at Flinders, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Chartered Accountant’s Achievers program. It made all the difference for me,” she says.

This program enables Accounting and Finance students to gain industry placements, and Kylie gained a placement position at leading international corporation PwC. It also led to PwC offering a Graduate Position, which Kylie commenced immediately after finishing university.

Despite the opportunities that unfolded for Kylie, it wasn’t an easy ride. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting as a single mother supporting two young children, but found support when she needed it from lecturers, support networks and peers. “If I was struggling with course work, I would always speak up,” she says. “I found my lecturers extremely supportive and understanding, going above and beyond to help me complete my studies successfully. I also engaged with other students and we made study groups. Together, we got the job done.”

She notes that the Flinders Horizon Award Program helped build her brand. “As part of the workshops provided, I was able to make my resume professional and highlight my strengths to potential employers,” she says. “It was an important building block.”

Since completing her university studies, Kylie has worked full time at PwC as an auditor, working with a great variety of clients and having an opportunity to travel for her job. She is also completing her Chartered Accounting accreditation. “My university studies have been the base to the lifestyle I live today,” she says.

Find out more on the Horizon Professional Development Award Program that helped Kylie ‘build her brand’.



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