Flinders-Nankai Graduate Profile – WU Yingzhe (MELM ’19)

WU Yingzhe has used his advanced education management qualification to ensure his progress in the rapidly escalating education technology industry.

As Director of Cooperation Center of Taiyuan Division of New Channel International Education Group, WU Yingzhe has taken a higher global responsibility for the operation and management of the company and its staff – and he credits his MELM qualification for giving him the confidence and ability to make this transition.

“Following completion of the degree, I have gained more respect from the staff, customers and students that I deal with in my business,” he says.

He places credit squarely on the quality and reputation of the MELM qualification provided by the Flinders-Nankai program. As a result, WU Yingzhe is especially proud of where he chose to study. “Both universities are world famous. Nankai is known for its academic rigor and for producing two Chinese Prime Ministers. Flinders University is renowned for its excellent teaching and research. Because my job is a leadership position in an educational institution, it can be said that studying MELM within the Flinders- Nankai program was tailor-made for me.”

He says a winning combination of factors attracted him to the Flinders-Nankai program – the strong academic reputation of the two universities, the high quality of tuition standards, and the convenient and appealing teaching location of Tianjin.

“The most unforgettable part of my learning journey through the MELM program is the teachers’ spirit of scholarship,” says WU Yingzhe. “They taught me so much about the quality of presentations. In the past, I thought a presentation was merely submitting a form, but I found that with my teachers’ support and guidance in the lead up to my final presentation, I not only practiced and greatly improved my English, but also developed a much clearer understanding and cognition of everything I had learned. I was able to clearly demonstrate my knowledge to everyone.”

WU Yingzhe was impressed that his teachers had profound knowledge and explained the theories of education management very clearly. He says his most impressive Chinese teacher was Professor Zhai Lei, for his humorous, informative and approachable teaching methods. His favourite Australian teachers were Dr Michael Bell and Ms Sylvia Habel.

“Dr Bell is especially good at inspiring students, interacting with them in real time and patiently answering any questions. I liked that his teaching was always supported by abundant theories and cases.

“Ms Habel gave very lively lectures and kept a close eye on everything going on in each study group. What I really liked was that while she was academically very strict in class, she was especially friendly with us all after class.”

Since graduating, WU Yingzhe has kept in close contact with several of his like-minded classmates, and he remains in touch with some of his teachers in both China and Australia.

“I was honoured to return to Tianjin in July 2019 to visit the college leaders and teachers,” he says. “I was also honoured to fly to Australia and to visit Flinders University in August 2019, where I was able to visit Dr Bell and other teachers. I would especially like to thank Dr Bell for arranging a school visit for me and organising a special breakfast meeting.”

The rigour and discipline of his MELM studies has provided WU Yingzhe with a springboard to other accomplishments that include being appointed a director of Shanxi Translators Association in 2018 and Deputy Director of Shanxi Organizing Committee for the FLTRP Cup: National English Speaking Contest in 2017.

He reflects on the benefits that his MELM degree has provided for him. “At work, everything I have learned directly improves my management abilities,” he says. “The academic status attached to this qualification has made it easier for me to gain respect from all walks of life. Currently I’m engaged in management in my career, while studying for my Doctorate degree. I believe the desire to continually improve myself is the greatest asset that I have received from Nankai University and Flinders University.


武映哲的高级教育管理学历确保了他在 迅速发展的教育科技行业中与时俱进。

作为新航道太原学校的品牌合作中心主 任,武映哲对公司及其员工的运营和管理 承担了更高的全球责任,他认为自己的教 育领导与管理硕士学位让他有信心和能 力完成这一转变。

“获得硕士学位后,我获得了工作中的员 工、客户和学生更多的尊重。”他说。

他对南开大学-澳大利亚弗林德斯大学合 作举办的教育领导与管理硕士项目的质 量和声誉给予了肯定,也因此对其所学 课程感到格外骄傲。“这是两所举世闻名 的大学。南开系列学校以其严谨的学术风 格,也是两位中国总理校友的母校而闻 名。弗林德斯大学以其出色的教学和研究 实力而闻名。因为我的工作是在一家教育 机构担任领导职务,所以南开大学-弗林德 斯大学合作的教育领导与管理硕士项目 就是为我量身定做的。”

他表示一系列因素的有机结合吸引他选 读了南开大学-澳大利亚弗林德斯大学合 作办学项目,两所大学的学术声誉很高, 学费性价比也很高,作为教学地点的天津 是一座生活便利且极具魅力的城市。

武映哲说:“我在教育领导与管理硕士项 目的学习过程中最令我难忘的是教师的 学术精神。他们教会了我如何提高报告 演说的质量。过去我以为一个展示报告 只是提交一份表格,但我发现在老师的 支持和指导下完成我的期末报告,不仅 可以不停的练习并大大提高了我的英语 水平,而且对所学的一切都有了更清晰 的理解和认识。我能够向所有人清楚地 展示我的知识水平。”

老师们渊博的知识和对教育管理理论清 晰的讲解都给武映哲留下了深刻的印象。 他说最让他难忘的中方教师是翟磊教 授,因其教学方法幽默风趣、信息量大且 平易近人。他最喜欢的澳大利亚老师是 Michael Bell博士和Sylvia Habel女士。

“Bell博士特别擅长鼓励学生,他经常与 学生实时互动并耐心的回答任何问题。我 欣赏他在教学中总是包含丰富的理论和 案例支持。

“Habel女士的课非常生动,密切关注每 个学习小组中发生的一切。我真正喜欢的 是,尽管她在学业上要求非常严格,但是 下课后她对我们都很友善。”

毕业后,武映哲与几位志同道合的同学保 持着密切联系,他还与中国和澳大利亚的 一些老师也一直保持着联系。他说:“我 很荣幸在2019年7月回到天津,看望学院 领导和老师。并于2019年8月飞往澳大利 亚并参观弗林德斯大学,在那里我拜访了 Bell博士和其他老师。我要特别感谢Bell 博士为我安排了一次校园参观,并组织了 一次特别的早餐会。”

武映哲学习教育领导与管理硕士课程的 严谨性和纪律性为他取得的其他成就奠 定了坚实的基础,包括2018年他被任命 为山西省翻译协会理事,2017年被任命 为外研社杯:全国英语演讲比赛山西组 委会副主任。

武映哲回顾了他就读教育领导与管理硕 士项目所带来的收获。他说:“我学到的一 切都直接提高了我在工作中的管理能力。 获得这个学历的学术成就让我更容易获 得各行各业的尊重。目前,我一边从事管 理工作,一边在攻读博士学位。我想,这种 持续提升的理念,大概就是南开大学和弗 林德斯大学留给我最宝贵的财富。

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