Flinders-Nankai Graduate Profile – Dr LIN Chunying (MHA ’18)

Hospital administrator Dr LIN Chunying recalls being faced with great professional challenges when she was appointed president of Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital Nanhai Hospital in 2016. “As a professor of cardiovascular medicine, I faced a lot of confusion and problems during my transition from a technical post to management. I was looking for a program that would prepare me for the challenges that lay ahead in hospital administration,” she says.

“I found that the Flinders-Nankai MHA program involved all aspects of hospital operation, which allowed me to understand the principle of hospital operation in a more macroscopic way. The course provided detailed examples that allowed me to understand hospital management from many different perspectives.”

“Through the program, I became a better version of myself.”

As a part of the senior leadership of the hospital, Dr LIN says she is psychologically confident and proud of being able to apply what she learned in workplace situations. She says the MHA program provides remarkable insights for the leaders of hospitals to address critical issues of strategy and human capital.

“I’ve changed the way I work, using management thinking models and tools to make my work more efficient, which is very significant,” she says. “Our teacher provided very detailed examples to explain how a hospital completed an upgrade of its information system without affecting the operation of existing work. Our hospital did exactly this type of system upgrade soon after I graduated, so it was fortunate that I got the best scores for this course.”

“My studies have provided far-reaching benefits for me. As a leader of the organisational transformation for the hospital, our management reforms have been very successful, improving the hospital’s economic and social benefits, and optimising the allocation of health resources.”

“I try to look at each problem from different viewpoints and hope to influence and help more people.”

Her leadership and management skills have come to the forefront in several important projects since she graduated from the MHA program. In 2018, as director of the National Health and Health Commission’s 2019-2020 Love Journey project, Dr LIN led a medical team to assist Ghanaian doctors to perform cardiovascular interventions and surgeries. “We set an African record in Ghana: 10 operations were carried out in five days, with a success rate of 100%. We also helped a Ghanaian doctor complete the first epidemiological survey of cardiovascular disease risk factors in African countries. Our original research will change public health policies for cardiovascular prevention in Ghana and throughout Africa.

These experiences made her think about the advantages of the international aid projects. “I believe that medical aid is not just about helping recipient countries to cure their patients, but more to train that country’s elite medical talents and teach them how to treat diseases,” she says.

“Our medical team has trained more than 20 cardiovascular doctors and nurses, thereby filling the medical gap in Ghana. After the team returned to China, the Ghana Cardiovascular Association was established with an excellent team of cardiovascular doctors. As the old saying goes, give a man a fish, and he eats for a day – but teach him to fish, and he will never go hungry.”

“I attach great importance to the training of management staff in the hospital and provide them with a wide range of training courses in management skills. Moreover, we have frequent discussion with all management staff about the hospital’s strategic plan, vision, to enable more and more staff to participate in joint decision-making thereby creating a more professional and responsive managerial team for the hospital’s development.

Since graduating, Dr LIN Chunying has maintained close relationships with MHA alumni, organising such events as a graduation trip to Nankai University for the MHA20 Guangzhou class members.

“It provided all of us with the opportunity to stay connected to the Flinders-Nankai program and communicate with each other. I encourage everyone to conduct in-depth exchanges by holding academic conferences and management salons. I want to see us apply what we learned in the MHA to the world and continue to spread the seeds of thought that will have a positive effect on more people.”


医院行政人员林纯莹回忆起2016年当她 被任命为广东省人民医院南海医院院长 时所面临的职业挑战:“作为一名心血管 内科教授,当我从技术岗位转换到行政岗 位时,我很困惑,也遇到了很多问题。当时 我一直在寻找一个能帮助我应对医院管 理岗位挑战的课程。”

“最终我发现了南开大学-弗林德斯大学 合作举办的医院管理硕士学位教育项目。 这个项目的课程涵盖了医院运营的方方 面面,帮助我从更宏观的角度了解医院运 营的原理。课程提供了详细的案例让我从 不同层面了解了医院管理。”

“通过这个课程的学习,我成为了更好的 自己。”

现在作为医院党委书记的林纯莹心理上 很自信,并对自己可以将所学的知识运用 到实际工作中引以为豪。她说,医院管理 硕士的课程能够为医院管理者提供了远 见卓识并以此来解决策略和人力资本方 面的关键问题。

“我已经改变了我以往的工作方法,运用 管理思维模式和方法让我的工作更有效 率,这非常重要,”林纯莹说,“比如,在上 卫生信息管理课程时,老师通过一个非常 详尽的案例来说明一个医院如何在不影 响现有正常工作的情况下完成信息系统 的升级。我们医院在我毕业后不久正好进 行了同类型的系统升级,所以很幸运这个 课程我拿到了最高分。”

“我的学习为我带来了深远的积极影 响。我作为医院组织改革的领头人,我们 的管理改革行之有效。医院的经济效益 和社会效益都得到了提高,也优化了医 疗资源配置。”

“我开始尝试从不同角度看待问题,并且 希望影响和帮助更多人。”

自林纯莹从医院管理硕士学位项目毕业 以来,她的领导力和管理技能在很多重要 项目中发挥了重要作用。2018年,作为国 家卫生健康委员会爱心行”项目的负责 人,林纯莹医生带领了一个医疗队伍援助 加纳,开展心血管介入手术和外科手术。

我们在加纳创造了非洲记录:在5天内实 现10台手术,成功率100%。我们还和加纳 医生完成了非洲首个关于心血管疾病致 病因素的流行病学调查。我们的独创性研 究将改变加纳乃至整个非洲心血管疾病 防治的公共卫生的研究。”这些经历让她 思考国际援助项目的优势及最佳效果。“ 我相信医疗援助不仅仅是帮助受援助国 家治愈他们的病人,更多的是帮助这些国 家培训顶尖医疗人才,教授他们如何治疗 疾病。”她说道。“我相信医疗援助不仅仅 是帮助受援助国家治愈他们的病人,更多 的是帮助这些国家培训顶尖医疗人才,教 授他们如何治疗疾病,”她说道。

“我们的医疗团队培养了20余个心血管 医生和护士,填补了加纳的医疗心血管领 域空缺。培训医生回国后在加纳建立了加 纳心血管协会,加纳拥有一支带不走的心 血管医生团队。这就是古话里说的“授人 以鱼,不如授之以渔”。

“我非常重视医院管理者的培养,为他 们提供了各种管理技能的培训课程。另 外,我们经常和管理人员组织会谈,和 他们一起探讨医院的策略规划和发展展 望,以让更多的员工参与到共同决策中, 为医院发展创造一个更专业,更积极反 应的管理团队。”

毕业后,林纯莹医生和医院管理硕士学位 的校友们都保持紧密联系,组织了多场活 动,如为医院管理硕士20级广州班的校友 们组织到南开大学和澳大利亚弗林德斯 大学的毕业旅行。

“这让我们校友和学校保持联系,也给了 校友们互相联络沟通的机会。我鼓励所有 人通过举办学术研讨会和管理沙龙进行 深度交流。我希望看到我们能将在医院管 理硕士学位课程中所学的知识技能造福 世界,并向世界播撒思考的种子,为更多 的人带来积极的影响。”


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