Living the dream at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

Cycling bronze for Meg Lemon

Cyclist and sports dietitian Meg Lemon (BNutDiet ’13) experienced an emotional rollercoaster at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, held last month. After missing out on a medal by just over a second in her Track event, she won the bronze in the Women’s C4 Time Trial Road event, behind her Australian teammate Emily Petricola, and gold medal winner, USA’s Shawn Morelli.

“I came to Tokyo and gave it my all, wearing my heart on my sleeve so walking away to say I am a Paralympic medallist is a pretty heart-warming thing and I hope it’s enough to show for those that have supported me in my journey,” says Meg.

“I now realise that the Paralympic Games is something bigger than just the athletes. It brings joy to so many, is a symbol of hope and unity and a language the world speaks once every four or five years.”

Meg acquired a brain injury after being hit by a car while working in NT, but was encouraged to fight on and continue her passion for cycling. Making her international cycling debut in 2017, she has won several bronze and silver medals in competitions since then.

“For me, getting back on a bike, allowed me to overcome depression, rebuild my life and relationships – making it to the Games was a bonus. I want people to feel encouraged that every journey has downfalls and obstacles, but just around the corner, there is opportunity for growth and happiness,” says Meg.

“I hope that the exposure the Paralympic Games has received, and the stories of so many athletes like myself, inspires young people and plants a seed of hope that anything is possible. In a time where mental health concerns are at all-time high and sedentary lifestyles seem to be more profound, I hope young people are propelled to take up a sport or activity they enjoy for the abundance of benefits, even if it’s not to make it to the Games one day.”

With the Paris 2024 Paralympics in her sights, Meg wants to focus on building up her work as a dietitian and personal trainer, as well as training to compete at World Championships next year – and to hopefully become World Champion one day.

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