The Golden Age is just beginning

Anthony Robinson

Talented artist and digital media whiz Anthony Robinson (BCreatArts(DigitalMedia) ’19, BCreatArts(Hons)’21) was putting his storyboard skills to work in the Warner Bros. feature film Mortal Kombat, Stan’s feature film Gold and Stan TV series The Tourist just after graduating.

This was clearly just the beginning of an exciting career that has plenty more in the pipeline.

The storyboards Anthony creates are used as a guide to support each movies’ visual effects, prosthetics makeup and art departments, as well as supporting the director and director of photography (DOP) guide the film crew to capture the shots on the day.

Wanting to further his opportunities, money earned from this work was utilised to begin building upon his own idea for a commercial product in the form of a video game, Tinker and Spell, released under his own studio Golden Age Studios, of which Anthony is Creative Director.

“I have recently received recognition for the work I have been doing with Golden Age Studios,” says Anthony.

“This year, I have been accepted into the Adelaide 40 under 40 and my goal is to contribute to the upcoming golden age of entertainment within South Australia and create home grown IP for a global market.”

Tinker and Spell has gone on to be nominated for a host of gaming awards, with Anthony now widening his lens to the many touchpoints of his industry, not just the game itself.

Anthony has recently returned from attending Gamescom, the world’s largest video game convention. Whilst there, he was pitching to publishers from around the world and had several exciting ongoing conversations about sourcing the funding necessary to release his project on the global market.

“Video games are a unique piece of entertainment, however many of the disciplines involved can cross over into film, writing, VFX, programming and more,” he says.

“For now, my focus is on establishing a good foothold in the video game industry as a small studio, but my ambitions with that is to grow and create more working opportunities for the amazing talent that is spread around our city, so we may contribute to the growth of the oncoming golden age of entertainment within our state.”

As part of that expansion, Anthony has explored the evolving world of Augmented Reality (AR), a technology many in the creative industries are still unwilling to embrace.

AR will change the way we live our lives on an everyday basis, not just within the video game space; however, many of the game design fundamentals will remain the same.

“I see this as a huge opportunity that will see the range that game developers will be able to work in rapidly expand,” Anthony says.

“If we consider AR art as a tool rather than competition, we allow ourselves, as an industry, to speed up the creative process in many aspects.

“I can’t wait to see what I produce in the coming months, yet alone years of my career.”

Anthony Robinson was awarded a 2022 Early Career Alumni Award for significant contributions to the creative industries sector as a storyboard artist and independent game developer.

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