From learner to leader of graduate program success

Katelin Ryle

Breaking into any industry can be tough, so to secure a graduate role in a team that supports growth in both your technical and transferable skills has turned out to be the perfect launching pad for Katelin Ryle (BInfTech(DigitalMedia) ’20).

“akto has helped increase my communication skills and expand my technical knowledge,” says Katelin.

“But more than that, they have provided me with a network of supportive and diverse people who all work together to achieve common goals and want to see you succeed, something that has helped to boost my confidence.”

The team at akto, an Information Technology (IT) company focused on solution integration based in the Adelaide CBD, have recognised Katelin’s drive to succeed and recently offered her a manager position running the graduate program that got her career started.

The program has gone from strength to strength, with akto hiring another three Flinders University graduates at the beginning of this year. Boasting many high-profile clients, the program gives graduates the chance to experience and work on a wide range of business cases.

“akto has always believed in my abilities and offered me opportunities to learn and grow as a professional, and I am so grateful for this,” says Katelin.

Looking back on her time studying at Flinders, Katelin has many good memories on campus and now realises how it prepared her for the world of IT.

“My favourite lecturer hands down was Romana Challans, she inspired me and offered me opportunities like no other – I feel lucky to now call her a friend,” says Katelin.

“I think the use of project-like assignments where you have to work in a group and do presentations helped prepare me for the workplace, that and the Careers Centre/networking events.”

However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Katelin, needing to back her own abilities and believe she could break into a typically male-dominated industry.

“I think my two biggest challenges were not knowing exactly what I wanted to do when I left Uni and having a feeling of imposter syndrome,” says Katelin.

“We need more gender diversity in IT, so your perspective and brain power are valuable. Don’t compare yourself to others and their progress, this is your journey.

“Trust yourself, use your determination and be courageous. You may face certain bias out there, in times like these it is important to create a support network around you to share experiences and to help develop self-belief, as others will believe in you too.”

As for her future plans, Katelin wants to keep on moving with her role, but maybe mix it up with something a little out of left field.

“My dream is to travel around the world and one day move to New Zealand to build the Graduate Program over there. I would also love to get a second job as a bungee jumping instructor on weekends!” says Katelin.


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