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Having worked in computer science (information technology) and engineering for a number of years, holding senior roles across the globe, Dr Harrison Stewart (PhD ’23) chose Flinders University to hone his specialised skillset through further study – a thesis focused on the complex challenges of digital transformation and security.

“The PhD programme provided me with skills in management, statistics and practical thinking that are directly applicable in my current role as Global Head Information Security Manager,” Dr Stewart explains.

“I’m developing strategies and managing a diverse workforce. During my time at Flinders, I have learned to be both methodical and patient when it comes to solving complex issues.”

After graduating, Dr Stewart spent time networking with local companies in his field, making contacts via fellow graduates, and connecting with family and friends.

Based in Germany, he also took time to rest and recuperate after completing what is an almighty goal, something many postgraduate learners don’t realise can be greatly beneficial to their next career move. Flying to new places, relaxing and broadening his horizons all helped Dr Stewart gain a fresh perspective on where his path may lead.

“When you’re young, you may dream of becoming a firefighter, astronaut or doctor, but as you grow and learn more about yourself and the world, your career interests often evolve,” Dr Stewart says.

“Some find a match between their childhood dreams and their current professions, while others, like me, discover new passions along the way.”

Having taught in various high schools and published several scientific journals, such as ‘Data Security and Consumer Trust in FinTech Innovation in Germany’, ‘Digital Transformation Security Challenges’, ‘Information Security Management and the Human Aspect in Organizations’, ‘Game Theory’ and others, Dr Stewart is excited by his current role and the nature of the tasks, the challenges involved and the opportunity to be creative. Despite all countermeasures, security remains a major concern in digital transformation, as digitisation can be misjudged and brings with it major security concerns.

“My goal is to provide my expertise to organisations in areas such as technology, the automobile industry, artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, information security, cybersecurity, healthcare, finance and education,” Dr Stewart says.

“Given the rapid evolution in many areas, my other goal is to continue to learn and keep up with new developments in my field.

“Overall, I have achieved a sense of fulfilment by positively influencing and guiding others in my career.”

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