Sophie Limoux shares her journey

As Flinders University celebrates 30 years of teaching Environmental Health in 2024, we spoke to graduate Sophie Limoux (BHlthSc, GradDipEnvHlthPrac ’20) about her journey into the field and the role Flinders played in getting her career to this point.


What is your current role and responsibility?

I am employed by Port Pirie Regional Council as an Environmental Health Officer providing an Environmental Health Shared Services Program (EHSSP) to the Flinders Alliance which includes the following Councils: Flinders Ranges Council, District Council of Mount Remarkable, Northern Areas Council, District Council of Orroroo Carrieton and Peterborough District Council. Covering the largest land area regulated by Local Council with 200+ food businesses including retail and home-based food businesses, 11 health and beauty premises and 15 public pools, spas and hydrotherapy pools and 10 CWMS’s (Community Waste Managment Systems).


Have you always had an interest in Environmental Health? If so, what sparked your interest and/or was there a turning point?

I have always been interested in the health industry but discovered environmental health while I was in my first year of university. The concept of being able to actively engage in the upstream approach to healthcare whilst supporting the community really appealed to me.


Is there any experience from your time at Flinders that has had a lasting impact on you professionally or personally?

The skills and knowledge I obtained while I was studying at uni will continually support me throughout my career.


What are your thoughts on the future trajectory of Environmental Health 30 years from now?

Public health is pivotal to the health and well-being of humans and will continue to and possibly grow in its demand as we become more aware of the impacting factors and ways to influence these.

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