Take IT and run with it

  With information technology (IT) skills in higher demand than ever, technology company akto has continued to go back to the well of career-ready Flinders University […]

It’s never too late to educate

  Brett Smith (DipDigTech ’21) never considered university as a pathway to further his career. He had assumed university was for a corporate education, and TAFE […]

Digital shipbuilding for the future

Australia’s first digital shipbuilding course at Flinders University is building new careers and gaining industry recognition. Just 18 months after going live, the Diploma of Digital […]

Connecting and collaborating

With a high fail rate in first year maths, Sally Wheldrake knew her degree in computer science would have its challenges. With this in mind Sally […]

Man on a maths mission

Recreational mathematics sounds like a tautology to most of us, but after inspiring a generation of Bangladeshis to find a route to a better life through […]