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With information technology (IT) skills in higher demand than ever, technology company akto has continued to go back to the well of career-ready Flinders University graduates as the specialised integration and solution-architecture business grows.

“Flinders IT grads have a broad knowledge rather than a specific knowledge, thus they are very flexible, adaptable and keen to learn and experience,” says akto Chief Customer Officer, Gordon McAlister.

“We have found every graduate we have employed has been ‘fearless’ without any arrogance or ego. All the graduates have been very supportive and collaborative and fitted in to the akto culture seamlessly.”

akto now has six Flinders graduates working in its city office space, including Systems Analyst Katelin Ryle (BInfTech(DigitalMedia) ’20) who started in 2020 through the graduate program.

“I use a lot of the soft skills that I developed during my time at Flinders,” she said.

“I couldn’t ask for a better place to work, everyone is so friendly and supportive.

“The work is good and challenging, but what I enjoy most is winding down at the end of the week and socialising with co-workers.”

Possessing a strong understanding of IT concepts has assisted the other analysts still in the graduate phase with akto to hit the ground running, building on their knowledge through working with a host of notable clients.

“Being able to program each day is what I find the most enjoyable, after years of learning the fundamentals being able to put it into practice is great,” says Jeremy Webster (BIT(SimSerGames) ’22).

“Working alongside the other graduates is also fun, as we can learn together and better relate to each other.”

Graduate Thomas Chesser (BInfTech ’21) has also found a strong link between his studies and the workplace.

“My typical workday primarily involves doing Application Integration – a process of getting independent systems to work together,” he says.

“My experience with programming and doing application development has helped greatly with understanding and building integration processes.”

William Kling (BInfTech ‘21), who also graduated last year, has enjoyed the transition into a busy firm.

“The best part of akto is the people and culture,” he says.

“This is a company where the people are truly genuine. The support and care really make you feel valued as an employee and a person.”

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