Caring Futures Institute awards inaugural accelerator grants

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Ten early and mid-career researchers have been granted up to $4000 each as part of the Caring Futures Institute’s 2019 Accelerator Grant Scheme.

The external funding accelerator scheme supports projects that align with the themes of Better Lives, Better Care or Better Communities and explore ways we can apply better care and health outcomes across the lifespan and how we can develop self-care and caring solutions to improve people’s quality of life.

Better Care

Dr Joanne Murray: When is it safe to replace thickened fluids with water protocols in acute stroke care? Development of a decision-making aide.  

Associate Professor Sebastian Doeltgen: Parents’ reflections on their experience of their child’s transition from tube to oral feeding during an intensive intervention program.   

Dr Rebecca Feo: Generating evidence to reduce avoidable readmissions relating to fundamental care.  

Dr Claire Baldwin: Helping the most at-risk patients in hospital get moving: disseminating expert recommendations.  

Better Communities

Dr Yvonne Parry: Enhancing lifelong development and the health and wellbeing of marginalised children 0 to 12 years.

Dr Alejandra Pinero de Plaza: Making the invisible visible: A care agency study about the inclusion of frail and homebound/bedbound people.  

Dr Michael Lawless: Frailty and healthy ageing in online communities: A knowledge translation approach and mixed-methods netnographic study.  

Better Lives

Dr Ivanka Prichard: The influence of social media on exercise and wellbeing: The paradox of inspiring fitness and body dissatisfaction.  

Dr Kacie Dickinson: Are all plant-based foods equal? A preliminary study to assess the quality of plant-based diets and relationship with cardiovascular disease risk factors among Australian adults. 

Louisa Matwiejczyk: To identify to what extent cooks in centre-based childcare across SA have the capacity to support children’s (aged 2-5 years) optimal nutrition.  

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