Public lecture: Being “well-behaved”: the science of health behaviour change – Professor Richard Rosenkranz

Professor Richard Rosenkranz speaking to people in a lecture theatre

This Caring Futures Institute public lecture features visiting international research fellow, Professor Richard Rosenkranz, Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics & Health, Kansas State University, Manhattan.  

In this recording, Professor Rosenkranz shares current challenges in healthcare and population health, and explains how better understanding of behaviour change can help us take on such challenges more effectively. He offers insights from a range of intervention projects aimed at understanding the process of improving population health through facilitating physical activity, healthful eating, and other health behaviours in a variety of settings, ranging from physical education and sport to public health.  

Professor Richard Rosenkranz leads the Physical Activity and Nutrition Clinical Research Consortium in the College of Health and Human Sciences at Kansas State University. Richard Rosenkranz’s background in behavioural science, public health nutrition, and physical activity informs his research on the identification of modifiable influences of health behaviours toward promoting health and preventing chronic disease. He extensive research work embraces the framework to address person-environment interactions within behavioural settings and develop, implement, and evaluate intervention programs designed to impact the influences on health behaviours. 

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