Public lecture: Integrated Care – A Novel Approach to Manage (Cardiovascular) Conditions and Reimagining Care

Caring Futures Institute researcher and Leo J Maher Cardiovascular Nursing Chair Dr Jeroen Hendriks presented Integrated Care – A Novel Approach to Manage (Cardiovascular) Conditions and Reimagining Care. 

The public lecture was hosted by the Flinders Caring Futures Institute to explore integrated care approaches to managing cardiovascular conditions.

Watch the recording below.

About the lecture

The prevalence of people with multiple chronic conditions has emerged and is still increasing. Care has become more complex and the burden on the health care system has increased rapidly.

Important questions have come up such as: How can we maintain sustainable care delivery? Can high demand and complex care be appropriately delivered by one single health care professional? What is the role of the patient in the care process? And how can technology support both the health care professional as well as the patient?

The concept of integrated care has been recognised as a suitable approach to manage patients with chronic conditions, fusing indispensable fundamentals within the approach. Implementation of such an approach requires significant re-design of health care and daily practice, but also provides challenges and opportunities.

This has been proved by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, that disrupted normal life for all of us, but also showed the rapid implementation of technology and infrastructure to maintain delivery of care remotely whilst keeping patients out of hospital preventing them from potential risk of infection.

In this public lecture Prof Hendriks introduces his role as the Leo J Mahar Cardiovascular Nursing Chair and answers the questions raised above by explaining the concept of integrated care, and how the fundamentals are needed to form the approach.

Prof Jeroen Hendriks
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