Childhood obesity prevention webinar

Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Caring Futures Institute, Dr Brittany Johnson, will present in a free webinar in mid-December on childhood obesity prevention.

The webinar ‘Early prevention of childhood obesity – moving the field forward through collaboration’ will be held by the NHMRC Centre of Excellence in Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood on 17 December.

Dr Johnson is part of The TOPCHILD Collaboration, which unites researchers in early childhood obesity prevention worldwide, and is leading the way in innovative knowledge synthesis methodologies in this field.

While the project is focused on obesity prevention, the approaches Brittany will be presenting on will be relevant to a range of areas in the Caring Futures Institute.

Dr Johnson’s research focuses on applying behaviour change theory to improve children’s diet quality and health behaviours.

Researchers interested in next generation of systematic review methodologies, collaboration and childhood obesity prevention should attend this event.

The webinar will be recorded so people who register will receive the recording link after the event.

Topics covered:

  • advanced types of meta-analyses and methods to understand intervention components
  • findings from applying these methods with four EPOCH early childhood obesity prevention interventions, as well as learnings to consider when designing interventions in future
  • the TOPCHILD Collaboration taking these approaches to a global scale by bringing together 33 trials (including >35,000 participants), with additional trials currently being invited to join.

The webinar will go ahead on Thursday, 17 December 2020, 9:30 – 10:30 AM (ACDT).

Click here to register.

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