In the Media: September

The Caring Futures Institute and its members were featured in the media throughout September. Check out the reach of our expertise!

Starts at 60, Interesting new statistics: taxpayers are willing to pay more for aged care. A study led by Professor Julie Ratcliffe was recently published in the Medical Journal of Australia and was picked up by news site Starts at 60. The study, commissioned by the Royal Commission into Aged Care, found that more than half of current taxpayers would be willing to pay more tax for better quality aged care. The study received much media attention when it was first published by the Commission in 2020. Read more.

Aged Care 101, Aged care producers team up with university to research why seniors experience falls. A study by physiotherapist and Caring Futures Institute member Nicky Baker was the subject of this article by Aged Care 101. Nicky’s study, supported by aged care provider ACH Group, investigates the relationship between postural sway and near falls. An article also appeared on news site Aged Care News. Read more

ESMO, Lack of evidence for the use of telemedicine in the prevention and surveillance for recurrences and new cancers. The European Society for Medical Oncology published an article on their news site about a study by Caring Futures Institute Professor Raymond Chan about the benefit of telemedicine in the management of psychosocial and physical effects of cancer. However, the report found a lack of evidence on the use of telemedicine in the prevention and surveillance for recurrences and new cancers. Read more.

News Nixon: How to stay healthy in your 40s. An article on keeping fit and healthy in your 40s published on news site News Nixon mentioned a study by Caring Futures Institute researcher Professor Sue Gordon into prefrailty. The study found that ‘pre-frailty occurs in 45% of people aged 40-49. Read more

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