iSupport program adapted for Chinese-Australian community  


Flinders University recently hosted the first of four webinars aimed at training master iSupport facilitators for the implementation of the iSupport program in Australia and Greater China. This event, supported by the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations, brought together over fifty facilitators and project team members from both regions. 

The iSupport program has been culturally adapted into Chinese-Australian community and Greater China and shown effectiveness in improving carers’ quality of life, positive thoughts and capability in dementia care in a multicentre trial funded by the Foundation between 2020-2022. 

Led by Project Leader Professor Lily Xiao, the initial training session, co-led by Professor Wang Huali from the Institute of Mental Health, Peking University, and Professor Chia Chi Chang from Taipei Medical University, focussed on discussing ways to work with stakeholders when co-designing the iSupport dissemination plan.

A notable contribution came from attendee, Ms Bangyuan Yang, an experienced clinician in long-term care from Taipei, who shared insights on partnering with carers and their recipients based on a well-developed case scenario. Following the session, attendees engaged in a lively discussion, addressing queries about the training.  

The second session is scheduled for 17 November 2023 during which Professor Feng Hui from Central South University, Professor Yan Hu from Fudan University, and Dr Kenny Chui Chi Man from the Chinese University of Hong Kong will focus on contextual factors affecting the dissemination of the iSupport toolkit. 

The Flinders University webinar marks a significant step in enhancing home-based dementia care and reducing stress for a substantial carer population. The success of this training initiative and the ongoing project’s potential impact underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges faced by carers of people with dementia. 


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