In the Media: March/April


The Caring Futures Institute and its members were featured in the media throughout March and April. Check out the reach of our expertise!

The MedicalXpress featured Dr Annette Briley in relation to her study which aims to better support pregnant women and improve the rates of screening and intervention for substance use among pregnant women, including appropriate referral for those who may be substance dependent. Read more

The Guardian spoke to Associate Professor Ivanka Prichard about her research findings on the link between weddings and disordered eating behaviours, as well as the impact of stressors and disruptions in routine during the wedding planning process. Read more

Associate Professor Yvonne Parry appeared on ABC Breakfast Radio to discuss the issue of housing stress due to increasing rental prices and advocates for diverse solutions like social housing, public housing, and alternative arrangements such as apartments near railway lines to combat the housing crisis. Listen here

Research led by Professor Robyn Clark and Dr Alline Beleigoli highlights the significant benefits of cardiac rehabilitation programs in reducing hospital readmissions and mortality rates among patients with heart issues. Read more

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