Enhancing Student Wellbeing

Enhancing Student Wellbeing “supports sector-wide conversations, a whole-of-institution approach and pedagogical innovations that promote mental health and wellbeing, enabling all students to realise their academic potential” (http://unistudentwellbeing.edu.au/about-the-project/).

Through a collaboration across three universities (led by the University of Melbourne, with Queensland University of Technology and Latrobe University) this new suite of resources to support students’ mental health have been developed for university educators as they consider ways to support students through supportive practices and well considered teaching and learning environments.

Do one, or all five of the modules which explore:

  1. Student wellbeing
  2. Curriculum Design
  3. Teaching Practice
  4. Difficult conversations
  5. Your wellbeing

Contributed by Dr Ann. Luzeckyj

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