Do you teach first year students?

The First Year Support Strategies (FYSS) portal provides access to a range of resources, literature and ideas for you to use, modify or adapt in your own teaching contexts. The portal links to:

  • a site where you can see the ideas discussed for either face-to-face or online contexts based on a 13 week modular structure,
  • a separate site offering the opportunity to see how the resources might potentially be used in FLO for a face-to-face teaching scenario,
  • the First Year Community of Practice site (this one is for members only, feel free to join), and
  • the First Year website.

You can access it here or via the ‘Current topics’ in the eLearning gateway. Enrolling into the site gives you have greater accessibility.

The site includes a survey and your feedback will be valuable to further developments.


Contributed by Dr. Ann Luzeckyj

Lecturer in Higher Education – CILT

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