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Q:When will my FLO site be ready for S1 – I’m going on leave and really want to get ready for next year?

Q:Why are you bugging me about Semester 1, I have only just finished marking for this semester?

 Ah, we are always too late or too early (and annoying). FLO topics get established 90 days before they start. Teaching staff get access to the topic 77 days before they start, and students 7 days. So Semester 1 got set up on the 28th of November, and you will get access to work on topics from the 11th Dec.

The eLearning teams will have made contact with you via a form (SciEng, SABS or EHL) or through your local admin teams (Health Sciences) – yep we are still in Faculty groups for a little longer. Returning this rollover form gives the teams the information to setup and transfer information you need for next year in the lead up to you getting access.

We encourage you to fill in the form early – there is a bit more work cleaning up references to Schools and Colleges next year, so the turnover won’t be as quick. And once students can see topics there are very limited options to change the setup – but I’m sure no one will be leaving thinking about topics until orientation week!


Q:So… who do I contact now?

Well, for the moment the eLearning teams are still in Faculty groups, and the College groups will be set up as part of the PSP process including a learning designer in each college. We will communicate changes to support access but for the moment they stay the same  https://flo.flinders.edu.au/mod/page/view.php?id=1600


Q:My topics finished do I need to do anything?

You (and your students) keep topic access for the next year – so you can go back and look if you need. One suggestion is to reflect on what you learnt this semester (yep you, rather than the students). Each offering of a topic is unique and hopefully you learnt something about the subject material or how the topic was run. You can add a hidden note (as a label or page) recording how you are thinking now, or a suggestion for how to improve the topic for next year – might just be little gem to yourself when the topic runs next time.


Contributed by James King

Faculty eLearning Services Manager – CILT

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