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Q: Who can do what in FLO?

Well, a couple of weeks until OWeek, and one area that does cause some confusion on FLO are the different roles available, and most importantly when to use them.


  • Topic Coordinator (TC) – This role is set in the student system – it is important because as well as FLO the role gives access to a number of other systems including: Reading Lists through the library, maintaining your online SAM.
  • ‘Lecturer’ and ‘Instructor’: These allow the person to edit a FLO site (just like the TC). They can also adjust the gradebook.


  • Tutor is a limited role because they can’t change the FLO site (don’t have the edit button) and can’t record marks in the gradebook. They can mark assignments (and we do suggest this is the best way to mark assignments).

Not in teaching team.

  • FLO Support (editing) and FLO Assistant (no editing) are roles that don’t appear in the teaching team list, so are good for staff helping in a topic but you don’t want the student to be contacting them.

Staff can only be recorded once they are employed by Flinders, so it important that HR employment is current to add a staff member.


For the other 20 or so roles we have in FLO would constitute less than 0.001% percent of enrolments. So while I won’t describe them, if the roles above don’t get the correct people into your FLO site, your local eLearning Team are the first point of call.  Explain the situation and we should be able to talk you through available options: mostly these are people like external guest lectures or external industry auditors.


Contributed by James King

eLearning Services Manager – CILT

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