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With the PSP starting to take effect, many changes are taking place across the university in terms of support areas.  While we are still in a transitioning mode with a few positions still being filled, many of the teams and structures are now in place.  Understandably, this can be a little bit confusing and unsettling but please be assured that the staff in CILT (both new and old) are committed to ensuring that we provide the best support possible now and into the future.  Below is a summary of the key areas:


Where is my college eLearning support team?

Many of the eLearning support team remain the same as previously – so the same friendly faces are generally there to assist you although the contact details have changed slightly.  Rather than emailing a particular person we are trying to move to a team-based approach to better coordinate service.  So If you need help with FLO, please use the emails below to contact your college eLearning support team.

bgl.elearning@flinders.edu.au , ph. 15361 (BGL)
epsw.elearning@flinders.edu.au , ph. 15170 (EPSW)
hass.elearning@flinders.edu.au , ph 15557 (HASS)
mph.elearning@flinders.edu.au , ph. 18575 (MPH)
nhs.elearning@flinders.edu.au , ph. 19991 (NHS)
scieng.elearning@flinders.edu.au , ph 17948 (S&E)

Or call the 15000 number and select your college.


We are phasing out the previous email addresses as many of them were aligned to the old faculty structures.  During the transition period, the old email addresses will re-direct you to the new ones above.

You can also find these updated email addresses in the eLearning Gateway: eLearning (FLO) staff support teams and on the College eLearning Service page.

The teams remain located in the colleges (although some of the locations have changed due to multiple staff moves) but feel free to drop in as well.


Educational Quality Team

The Educational Quality Team will be located in CILT but will work out into the Colleges.  If you are seeking support from the team in relation to course and topic changes and course reviews please email educational.quality@flinders.edu.au  This shared email box will allow the team members to manage the workload more effectively.  While all but one of the roles are filled, many staff in this area are still finishing critical work in the Colleges and will transition to the team in the coming weeks.  We are expecting that most will be in place by 13 March.  During this transition period, we will be prioritising work across the university with a particular emphasis on courses scheduled for external review with professional accreditation implications in the first half of the year.

Support for Awards remains unchanged and can be accessed via an email to cilt@flinders.edu.au or the educational.quality@flinders.edu.au mailbox.


Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

The Work Integrated Learning teams for each College are continuing their fantastic work of liaising and supporting staff and students at this very busy time.  Many of the people in WIL remain the same although there will be some new faces in some Colleges.  There are still a few vacancies to fill and a few people to arrive but it is anticipated that most will be in place by 13 March.  The WIL teams are located in the Colleges so staff and students will have easy access to the people who can help them.  In terms of communication with staff, we have not changed contact details at this point.  If you are unsure of who to contact, please see the WIL Coordinator in your College.  Our new WIL Manager, Nina Tabor should be in place in the next few weeks and we will work quickly to review the communication channels.


Academic Development Team

The Academic Development team can assist with a range of things including curriculum design, assessment design, designing for academic integrity, peer evaluation, approaches to working with first year students and academic staff induction.  All staff and contacts in this area remain unchanged.


If you are having any difficulty in working out who to contact for any CILT service, please email: cilt@flinders.edu.au


Contributed by Professor Deborah West

Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching Innovation)
Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students)


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