Checklist – Preparing for teaching in FLO

Whether you are a new/existing topic coordinator or other staff member with topic responsibilities, you may find the site Preparing for teaching in FLO useful for tracking FLO-related tasks associated with effective topic coordination. Links to support resources/information are provided. An ‘Interactive checklist of key tasks (quick view)’ that you can tick off as you go is now available (Word document, Module 0). Your college eLearning support team may also provide a checklist at the local level.

The suggested (=ideal) timeline starts 3-2 months prior to topic commencement. Don’t be daunted if you feel behind schedule already – this handy checklist (module by module) will help you cover the basics and might remind you of things you would otherwise have forgotten, just in time. All points link to information, forms etc. Nothing is assumed, so hopefully this site will help you find key contacts and information at the least. Processes and timelines may vary across colleges. If unsure, check with local area staff.

Self-enrol in the site to receive updates. You can find a quick link to the site in FLO, in the Navigation toolbar under Site pages.

Written by Andrea Rankin
Learning Designer – CILT

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