Is your FLO site ready for teaching?

We in your friendly eLearning support teams have begun to see the light at the end of a long ‘rollover induced’ tunnel. The busy period of rollover (aka copying an old FLO site to a new site) is wrapping up and teaching staff are beginning to apply their magic and update the site before students get access (exactly one week before the topic starts). If you’ve accessed the Preparing for teaching in FLO site support information and/or read the post-rollover email, you would have seen the types of activities and areas that need updating to enhance your students’ use of FLO and other educational technologies.

But did you know that during the rollover process, there are some things the eLearning support team and FLO cannot do, such as:

  • update assessment due dates
  • update the eReading list information
  • update Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM) information
  • update teaching teams
  • add teachers to the assignment extension approval system
  • add students to groups (before they are active)
  • revise assessment details, rubrics and gradebook settings.

These are just some the key tasks that teaching staff will have to do following the rollover. We encourage everyone who manages a FLO topic site and is preparing to teach in Semester/Non-semester 2, to have their site(s) ready 7 days before the scheduled start date, so students can explore prior to the topic commencing. To access the checklist, review your post-rollover email, or open a copy here.

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Timna Garnett

eLearning & Media Support Officer – CILT

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