Groups in FLO

What can groups be used for in FLO?
Groups can be applied to activities in FLO to enable students to work in groups or allow staff to monitor groups of students. Activities that can be utilised in group mode include:

  • discussion forum
  • assignment
  • wiki
  • peer assessment
  • dialogue
  • chat

In addition, groups can be used to override quiz and assignment due dates, as well as apply restrictions on activities.

For more information see the Groups and groupings help documentation on the eLearning Gateway or enrol in the FLO: Managing groups workshop.

eLearning Gateway facelift
Did you notice? The eLearning Gateway staff support site has a (very) new look and feel. It retains the search engine but now has 12 ‘boxes’ that you can open to link to activities (tools) and resources. These boxes are either purpose (e.g. Collaboration) or task (e.g. Grades & grading) driven. The ‘how-to’ glossary entries are also remodelled. The number of entries has halved which makes searching easier, and they have a sense-making structure that helps you choose/use a tool. Please contact us, your local eLearning support team, if you have any queries or feedback. Improvements to this resource are ongoing so we are keen to hear about your experience!

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