Horizon Professional Development Award

Enhancing student employability

The Flinders University Horizon Professional Development Award is a structured professional development program for all Flinders students.

With over 3,000 students across the University currently participating in the Award, did you know that components of the Award can be easily embedded in teaching programs? There are a number of programs across the University that are utilising components of the Award as part of topic delivery, NGP assessment, and preparatory programs.

The Award assists in developing the professional capacity, ongoing career development, employability, and transition to employment for Flinders students. Using a bespoke professional development model, the Award creates personalised professional development activities for each student and provides the capacity for students to create their own, individually tailored professional development experience.

Students accrue points through various professional activities and work towards three levels of the Award: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Every six months we recognise the achievements of our students through an awards ceremony. The December event this year recognised 171 Silver, 56 Gold, and 12 Platinum Awards.

New Award initiative: the Horizon Leadership Specialisation

The Horizon Leadership Specialisation has been created to add an extra layer of choice and control to the Horizon Award experience, giving students greater clarity, ownership and engagement in these important skills clusters.

Building on the core Award structure, achieving the Leadership Specialisation requires the completion of a number of activities and experiences that contribute towards leadership skills development.

All Flinders students can join the Horizon program and access the option of earning a specialisation, and 2019 will see further specialisations being introduced.

Find out more about the Horizon Award.

Introducing the Horizon Award team

Martin Evans
Horizon Award Team Lead

Beth Lawrance
Horizon Award Project Officer

Lian van Veen
Mentor Programs Coordinator

Morgan Whiffen
Horizon Award Student Engagement

Contributed by Verity Kingsmill
Manager, Careers & Employability Service

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