Demonstration LMSs available, log in now…

The demonstrations Learning Management System (LMS) are now available for all staff and students to explore.

How can I access the LMSs?

Use the links below to access each of the LMSs

Note: if you are having trouble logging in, please contact

Each LMS will have two sites:

  • a Demo Topic (HIST2020) – explore as a student
  • a Sandpit – explore as a teacher

Further instructions will be provided in the LMS.

Please also note that you have inactive email addresses in all systems to prevent you from being bombarded with notifications.

Thank you to Prudence Flowers who agreed to her topic, HIST2020: Colonies, Empire and Revolution: North America 1500-1800, being used for the demo topic.

How to provide feedback

Once you have explored and are ready to provide your feedback, please complete the survey, it should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

You can also send an email with any comments or questions to

How to access help

Help resources are available from within each LMS.

If you are having any issues logging in, please contact

Please visit the LMS Review website to keep up to date.

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